No matter how you look at it, extra hair goes a long way in boosting someone’s confidence. Whether it has more volume, is longer, curlier, or even magically getting it all back.

Many men know that they will be bald one day. As they get older, they anticipate the dreadful day they’ll say goodbye to their defined hairline, and witness their hair gradually thin every day. Most men accept this as with almost everything in life, there’s an end. And while hair loss is genetic, it can trigger daily habits such as smoking and even taking certain kinds of medications.


Since we’re used to men balding, it’s often hard to wrap ourselves around the idea of men getting their hair back, especially with quick turnarounds. If this did happen, it would totally shock us. But what if I told you that bald men can get their hair back?

Well, it’s really happening. And today, more than ever, more men are considering getting a “man weave”. Yes, it’s called a man weave, though there are a lot of other names for it, names such as “Man Unit, hair units and Man weave units are popular terms in describing the process. Men are increasingly wearing hair units. In recent years, the popularity of men wearing hair units has risen quite significantly. Surprisingly, many started a few years ago with this rather new idea.

Why a Man Weave?

The main reason why men want their hair back is in search of confidence and feeling young again. It’s kind of the same feeling women get after they receive a new hair bundle in their mail – looking fresher, trying a new look, and just being beautiful after the install. That’s the same feeling men seek.

Isn’t this idea controversial? Well, in the past, men have been known to think rather negatively about women wearing hair extensions and weaves. And now that men have begun wearing hair units, they are becoming more appreciative of the hair industry. They see what hair can do to the confidence and lifestyle of a person, and perhaps appreciate it.

Personally, I think that most of us have culturally been used to the idea that men don’t necessarily need hair to enjoy their lives. In fact, in most social settings and cultures, men don’t need to have hair to be considered attractive.

Nonetheless, image is important for both men and women, and considering that fashion trends are increasingly becoming less gender specific and more unisex, it’s goes to show that the image industry is a key game changer.


Hair Weaves for Men

Hair weaves, bundles, wigs, and hair products are a multi-billion-dollar industry, which man weaves are a part of. As weaves continue to appear more real and natural, especially for people of color, this multi-billion-dollar industry will continue to reach new heights as more products become readily available for anyone interested.

Today, what you can do with hair is limitless. People of color have spent over 2.5 billion dollars in the black hair industry, in this is set to rise in the coming years. Plus, the number shows the great importance of hair in the African American/blacks community. And not only have the men bought into the idea, but men weaves are now available in a wide range of textures, including Caucasian, Asian, Latino, etc.